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DDI Retail Division is a successful import/export company with over 20 years of experience specializing in developing custom programs for small, medium and large sized retail groups and distributors.

With corporate headquarters in Dubuque, Iowa and offices in Seattle, Washington and Peoria, Illinois. DDI continues to see rapid growth of sales and clients. Established in 2000, DDI sells full container loads of product by sourcing products and shipping it without needing additional outside services, such as quality verification, warehousing, customs brokerages, or freight forwarders. This allows DDI, Inc. to be not only highly cost competitive, but also more efficient on getting product to the client.

Clients that partner with DDI know that they are getting superior products and services based on a worldwide standard for success. DDI exceeds this global commitment with pride. As a company DDI has made extensive investments in personnel, quality control and administrative procedures to guarantee that our customers have the best possible importation program available in the world today.

Unlike traditional importation firms, DDI has the unique ability to consolidate products from both our own facilities and other factories in China into a single container prior to shipment. Thus, the customer is not restricted to purchasing large quantities of one single item to fill a container. Firms can capitalize on lower “full container” pricing by leveraging the DDI Container Consolidation to take advantage of cost savings on larger production runs. This prevents the need for a large inventory. Take advantage of full container shipping savings.

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